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What is your comfort zone?

Your comfort zone is the place where you feel safe. Everything about it is familiar to you, your brain knows how to keep you alive there.  Unfamiliar means more dangerous, that’s why you feel anxious every time you step out of your comfort zone. Your brain is warning you to be careful. When we are afraid of something, we avoid it. 


What’s the problem with your comfort zone?

It’s like a cage made of your own fears. You are missing out on life. And the worst part of it all - your comfort zone can actually be more dangerous than the unknown. You may be too afraid to move to a new city, leave an unhealthy relationship or quit a toxic workplace. 


  How can I get out of my comfort zone

This is not easy, but thanks to behaviour therapy we have an answer. You need to become braver. No need to worry, we’ll start slow. Baby steps!

Just use the app to write every task you want to accomplish and rate your anxiety from 1 to 10. Start with the task that causes you the least anxiety. The app allows you to pick a specific date and get aHow can I motivate myself to step out of my comfort zone?

 How can I motivate myself to step out of my comfort zone?

Clinical tests show that the best way to motivate yourself is positive reinforcement. The app allows you to challenge yourself. Choose how many tasks you want to tackle, set a time interval and set a reward for yourself. Buying yourself a small gift as a book or an app can serve as a carrot for you to step out of your comfort zone one step at the time.
Another way you can motivate yourself is by imagining your authentic true self. What sort of person you want to be in the main areas of your life. Do you want to be a trustworthy friend, a hard working professional/entrepreneur or a loving husband/wife? 

  Can this app help me with my anxiety and depression?

This app is not a replacement for professional help, but it can assist you in your recovery process. We highly recommend you to use it under the supervision of a therapist. Step out of your comfort zone allows you to use positive reinforcement in your therapeutic process which is unique and can be beneficial for you.