Mobile development

Switching from to LinkedIn Learning


I’ve been a subscriber of for years. A while ago the company was acquired by LinkedIn and now they’ve added all the courses to their social network. A few months ago they gave subscribers the option to switch to LinkedIn Learning for a free month in exchange. I decided to take the leap.

Pixelmator Pro review

Our favourite photo editing app Pixelmator now has a Pro version. I was so excited that I immediately purchased it. I assumed that if the app is released right after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday's sales we won't get a discount any time soon. 

Twitter QR codes

 QR codes are considered by many to be pointless, but I find them handy when I am at an event and I am meeting a lot of new people. The whole point of Twitter is to keep in touch with folks you don’t know very well. QR codes are like your Twitter business card.



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